About Us

ACRES S.A. is the first company in Chile to specialize in the field of registration and it springs out of the need to gather in one activity the manifestation of virtues and abilities in the utmost ethical, technical and productive terms.

ACRES S.A. begins its activities in early 1999 when its present partners were providing services independently. In proper legal terms, it actually starts as a company in May 2004.

We provide consulting services in Chile and other countries in the region relying on a wide network of contacts and relations and counting on the collaboration of outstanding professionals in various fields.


It is our aim to become a benchmark for quality in our doing, providing our customers with the services of a reliable, discreet and efficient company, whose performance remains consistent and anticipated through time, within the frame of an informed and well-connected company.


To establish the necessary conditions to obtain the authorization of use for a product and its subsequent marketing.

To listen to our clients so that together we are able to establish their needs.

To initiate customized specific actions, to enable our customers to achieve their various targets.

To optimize and secure the confidential handling of information handed down to us by our customers.

To keep our customers timely informed, so that we may foresee their needs in order to meet the objectives in the least possible time.

Our Customers

We have provided services for more than forty Worldwide prestigious companies, among which, companies like: